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Time to cultivate
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Story time Baddies!

My grandma's passing in 2016 triggered deep emotions leading to anxiety and panic attacks, something I never experienced before. Moving out west brought healing and a taste of inner peace during this time. However, in 2018, I experienced a life-altering event after a festival. I ended up in a psychosis for 2 weeks, facing hospital visits and intense guilt. It was a wake-up call that only I could answer. Now, five years later, I'm in the best mental shape of my life and ready to share my journey with you 💜

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do."


                           - Brené Brown

Are you ready to cultivate mental wealth?



Participate in practices that help you process your experiences and let shit go.

Image by lilartsy


Self Discovery is not for the weak. Give yourself grace and tap into the people places and activities that give you life during this journey. Recharging is non negotiable.



After you identify the negative thought loops that are blocking you, find ways to reframe them into what you seek to bring into your life.

My Framework


Join the mindful baddie gang gang!

I'll only ping you to share upcoming events and mental health hacks. No Fashion Nova email bombs here :)

Talk soon!

This page wouldn't be possible without the baddies behind the lense.

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