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Welcome to your inner peace era

First Step? Create some space.

Prioritizing your mental health means dedicating time to connect with yourself. Whether it's finding comfort in quiet reflection or expressing your thoughts through journaling, daily self-time is CRUCIAL.

Here are some resources I provide that can help you connect to yourself:

Meditation Slumber Party

Okay so you don't stay overnight but it is a slumber party vibe!


My in-person Yoga Nidra sessions are a safe place to experience a restorative,  lying down meditation that clears energetic blocks and allows for powerful release. Here you can rest deeply in community.


TikTok Healing Party

You are the creator of your experience of life! DIY your new mental health practice with tips on my socials. shoot me a DM if there's something you want me to cover.

Virtual Restorative Meditation

(Yoga Nidra)

 Join me in a virtual container for a deeply restorative 35-40 minute non-doing practice. Here you can replenish your energy and set an intention deep af into your subconscious. 

(I'm obsessed with the Amrit method of Yoga Nidra. It has helped me clear a fuck-ton of energetic baggage and made space for SO much healing and clarity. You can read more about the practice here)


When it comes to leveling up your mental health, having a mentor can accelerate your transformation! As your mentor, I'll offer personalized guidance, a non-judgmental space, and mental wellness tools to navigate challenges along your journey.

1:1 Guidance


Who's a baddie?

Any human who identifies with being a baddie, likely a sassy, professionally ambitious being open to leveling up their life in one or more areas.


They know that they can lead a more peaceful and happy life if they learn their triggers, understand their mind better and overcome anxiety or perfectionism.


They are unapologetic and are looking for support to fully step into that expression, embracing an unapologetic, unbothered mindset. 

They love to explore whether it's in nature or traveling the world. They make others laugh and feel good, and they know it's time for them to feel good on a deeper level. They aspire to create more space in their life for the blessings they know they can attract.

Let's add mindful to yo baddie !!

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